When the love of my life found himself with bladder cancer

ImageAs my first post of this blog, this is actually chapter 4 of a love story with a terrible hitch.

Namely, we just found out yesterday that my dear husband has bladder cancer tumors for the 4th time.

The first two times occurred in 2012. I may have that wrong, as the first time may have been discovered in 2011, and the second time in 2012–not sure. But it was all recent.

Each time, they were taken care of by the VA via a “transurethral resection (TUR)”. i.e. they pass a small wire loop through a cystoscope into his bladder, and zap away cancer cells with a burn or an electric current or laser. After the second time, I so remember when the surgeon came into the waiting room once it was done, and his exact words were “We plucked them!” Plucked them?? That made me laugh.

But when his tumors came back all over again earlier this year for the third time, and one was especially bad, I decided we needed to take further action about this ourselves. Namely, after they scheduled surgery once again 3 1/2 weeks away in May, 2013, I immediately had him start the Baking Soda Protocol.

The Baking Soda Protocol is the creation of Dr. Simoncini. The theory is that Sodium Bicarbonate, aka Baking Soda, has the ability to bring oxygen to a cancer and thus, kill it. i.e. if used correctly, you bring your pH up to 8 for a week, in which cancer cannot thrive. It also uses a small amount of sugar via Blackstrap Molasses to carry the baking soda to the cancer.

Based on a video of a guy who cured his prostate cancer with this method, I had my husband start on 1/2 tsp baking soda and a small amount of molasses, taken twice a day. The inspiring video’s star was a man named Vernon Johnston and he was diagnosed with stage IV aggressive prostate cancer which metastasized to his bones.

And since I had also read that inflammation could be a contributing factor for cancerous tumors, we raised his Astaxanthin supplement, which I had already put him on for something else. Astaxanthin is the carotonoid which causes the pink or red color in salmon, trout, lobster, shrimp, and other seafood. And it has excellent anti-inflammatory properties.

And after 3 1/2 weeks of this protocol, the day of his surgery came.

And once again, the surgeon came into the waiting room…and the look on his face was priceless!! THE TUMORS WERE TOTALLY GONE. i.e they went inside to find nothing. He was stymied and confused and embarrassed. And I could do nothing more than exclaim “It worked!” with a huge smile on my face! He underscored that they really were there when they first scoped them, and I told him Yes, my husband also saw the live screen showing the tumors when they did the initial scan. And to my astonishment, he never asked why I exclaimed that it worked. He just left the room.

After we got home and a few days went by, we resumed our normal life. In fact, for three months, he took care of ME after I had accidentally inhaled a massive amount of mold while leaf blowing. We followed that by being gone a month to visit his dear 95 year old mom and to see Yellowstone.

And just one week after we got home, the poop hit the fan all over again after he did a follow-up scope on his bladder.

Yesterday, he found out it had all returned, and it was quite bad. A terrible shock. I’ve wanted to cry for 24 hours…

So I went back to the computer. And this time, I can see that we made a mistake. All this time, we should have been testing his urine with a pH strip to make sure he was keeping himself at the right alkaline-favored level around 7.5. We never did that. I wanted to cry.

So yesterday afternoon, we started the protocol all over again, and also based on Dr. Sircus’s information: 1/2 tsp of sodium bicarbonate in water, but he is doing it three times a day, and we are now using a pH strip. We have moved his pH from 5.5 yesterday to nearly 7 today. To the baking soda drink, we have added magnesium and lugols iodine. We aren’t using molasses this time–they say it works fine without it.

He has also now started using the green powder in his morning drink–something I’ve used for years of which my in-law family has made fun of me about all that time. lol. It’s alkalinizing.

Our goal is to get him to 8 and hold that for a week. And surgery is scheduled for November 7th. So that gives us just over three weeks to hopefully create the same miracle we created earlier this year. And this time, he is never going to stop using the pH strips, and I have laid down the law that he has to stop drinking sodas (acidic) and curtail his consumption of coffee (acidic). I plan on teaching myself more about alkalinizing vs acidic food the next several days.

I so love my husband and want to keep him around much, much longer…


P.S. when he did his scope last Wednesday, this new surgeon asked about his disappearing tumors last May (unlike the last surgeon who had NO curiosity). When he explained, she was interested! SO this time, she took a PHOTO of the worst tumor to confirm there really is cancer in there…and seemed to be positiviely challenging us to remove them again. 🙂


About mynameisjanie

I am simply the female half of our relationship who adores her husband and am working hard to keep winning against his tendency to have bladder cancer tumors.
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39 Responses to When the love of my life found himself with bladder cancer

  1. Wendy says:

    I love you and your sweet husband, Janie!

  2. Ethan Leeds says:

    I work with Dr Sircus and have used his protocols. Do remember however that Bicarbonate is only for short term to stop the cancer returning you need to make permanent changes to diet and lifestyle. I recommend you also add lugols, selenium, Organic sulphur, Magnesium, plenty of good water and a superfood like rejuvinate.. Some exercise a bit of sun and deal with any underlying chronic stress as most cancer sufferers had chronic stress before the cancer. All the very best.

    • Hi Ethan. Yes, he already adds Lugols, Selenium and Magnesium, and his superfood is the green powder. I’ll look into the organic sulphur. And definitely yes, we see how important it is to change the way he eats even more and work to maintain a good pH level. Thank you so much for your input!

    • dawn says:

      ethan..what are the consequences to long term use of baking soda in general? say low amounts to help support alkalinity without going too high but to help keep it at say 7 or so?

      • Dawn, the problems with long term baking soda use (an amount to keep one alkaline) is rising blood pressure. My goal is to keep him on it after the surgery (where his tumors should be gone), but less than he’s on now, and add in potassium bicarbonate. Then keep on eye on his pH.

  3. Hi, I totally understand where you are at, in reverse sort of, as it was me who had cancer 12 years ago, and my husband was in your place, looking at his 2 and 4 year old sons and wondering what the heck he was going to do alone. Anyway, since then I left my engineering career and went into holistic nutrition, friends with Mark, had him on my radio show.
    Renita Woo suggested that I share a study with you that I linked to when she posted your blog on FB. It’s research around frankincense and bladder cancer. I run a group full of holistic practitioners on FB that is specific to using oils for healing, and you’re welcome to join, just message me. Here’s the study, I hope it helps! http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2664784/

    • And there’s no chance he could have a parasitical infection, like schistosomiasis, is there? That would explain the recurrences and is not normally recognized by the mainstream…but is more common that believed, especially in cancer. I lived in Central America for 2 years and witnessed the connection between infection and illness at an astounding rate.

      • Ironic that you ask, because my dear cowboy husband used to be a taxidermist, and still dabbles in it here and there. So I’ve often wondered if he has acquired a parasite from his line of work, yes. I will be calling our doc to get him tested. I see it’s via urine. Very interesting.

      • Janie, I work in functional nutrition with a special focus on cancer. Because of my 2 years in Central America, I have a “minor” in parasites. If you would like to connect on FB, I will add you to a group where I have many files for integrative therapies for both. Much love, Cynthia Henrich

    • Hi Cynthia. I can only imagine how scared both you and your husband felt, especially with young children. 😦

      Thanks for the link on frankincense and bladder cancer! I’m going to consider anything and everything. We know first hand that the baking soda protocol works, but his tumors are even worse than before! 😦 So I have every reason to consider something like frankincense oil. I need to do an internet search for it.

      Thank you so very much.

    • Cynthia, is there are particular brand of frankincense oil you recommend?

  4. Linda York says:

    What a painful, yet amazing journey you’re on! Thank you for sharing Janie and for you do to encourage and help others. I know we talked at one point about the LDN. Is he doing that along with the protocol? I’ll be praying for you both.

    • Hi Linda. Yes, he’s been on LDN for 3 years. 😦 It just hasn’t been enough to stop this. So we have to add more measures. Thank you for praying for both of us. We’re going to need it.

  5. Kimberly Smith says:

    Janie, praying for you and your husband. For complete healing for him. You have been such a blessing to my life!

  6. Kellie says:

    I pray this works for you! Sounds like a wonderful love story…

  7. Jane says:

    Iodine is the key I think, it is what induces apoptosis

    • So true!! He’s been lazy and lacked the understanding about iodine, so I have cracked the whip with him. lol. He’s going up one drop a day of the 5% in his baking soda water until I get him up and over 50 mg. Once we lick this, I intend on bullying him to remember that iodine! 😛

    • Rene says:

      Hi my name is rene I’m also trying to treat my dad with bicarbonate soda and molasses for his cancer. What is this your saying about iodine? Do I have to add it to the molasses?
      Please advise me, give me clear instructions. God bless u

      • Hi Rene. I’ve been told by Dr. Sircus that those like our husbands need to also be on iodine, which is very anti-cancer. My husband uses Lugols and yes, mixes it in his drink. JCrows has 5% Lugols, which we use. He’s on six drops a day right now of the 5%. There is 6.25 iodine per drop. It does cause detoxing at first, so you start low. He’s ready to move up. I want to get him closer to 50 mg and higher. I’m getting ready to do another update. His cancer may have returned sadly. He has blood in his urine again. Doctor’s appt in four days. We’re going to have to get more aggressive in fighting this. He has raised the baking soda back up to keep a pH of 8, which helped greatly a year ago. He is also also taking 30 apricot kernels a day, about 3 every hours or so. Has Laetrile in it. Very impressed with what I read about it for cancer. Go here http://curezone.com/forums/am.asp?i=338773 and get past the stuff about almonds to the long posts about using apricot kernels. VERY interesting. Do your own research and hope you have a good doctor to work with.

  8. sisterofmonte says:

    My prayers are included for you guys. I love you both. So glad you are cracking the whip and making sure he follows his instructions. And you are so right in the lovely green stuff you drink every morning, can’t make fun of you enough for that. lol. But keep right on drinking.

  9. Laurel says:

    Janie, prayers for you and your husband. You are absolutely on the right track with the alkalizing diet. Thank you for all you do!

  10. Jayne Vandenberghe says:

    I certainly can relate to your bladder cancer experience. I too was diagnosed with bladder cancer 3 years ago. Mine too is a highly reoccurring type. My original path report named it Ta Non-aggressive. Was your husband’s aggressive or non? The non are the beasts that like to rear their ugly heads about every 3 months sometimes with many in just that recurrence. I’ve now had over 29 tumors total. Twice now I have actually had them disappear, 9 in total. My original diagnosis showed 3 tumors and I had 12 days to make 2 of them disappear. I ate 38 apricot seeds a day spread out over the day in 5’s. I got away from eating them thinking I, like you guys, was cured. Again, in the course of time I began fighting them again, this time having 4 of 7 turn into smooth, shiny bumps three months after cysto, then all 7 were gone three months later and my next cysto. Normally, my uro would not allow me to go 6 months with known tumors, but I kept cancelling my scheduled and rescheduled turbt’s, knowing I was healing. I kept it up without recurrence and slowly stopped taking all that I now know worked, and BAM! they returned. I had a turbt over 5 weeks ago and have begun BCG treatments. I’m just now getting back to my turmeric, boswellia, chorella, spirilina and such. I will be reading your blog and we will be travelling through this journey together…. just as we have with the ndt for hypothyroidism. 🙂

    Btw, there is a Canadian product sold worldwide that is liquid oxygen…. may work better for you as baking soda can wreak havic with blood pressure. Should only be used short term.

    • Jayne, they never said if it was aggressive or non-aggressive and I never knew to ask. I will now. They do seem to reappear every three months. I’m very familiar with apricot seeds and will need to order more–we ate them up last Spring as they were around a long time in the cupboard. So you feel the apricot seeds have done the trick? Then why the BCG treatment? Just more armor in the fight?

  11. Jayne Vandenberghe says:

    Janie, you might like to collect his path reports and get photo copies after each cysto or turbt just for your own home files. The seeds worked on the first two. They are hard to eat daily, year after year lol. They do have them in caplet form tho, much easier to take. I’m doing the BCG to jump start my immune system…. and, to keep my uro happy.

    It seems these little buggers like to return no matter, and BCG has worked for many…. it’s not chemo or radiation, both of which I’d never do and I’d love to have them just stop reoccurring every 3 months lol.

  12. Patty says:

    Thank you Jane for sharing your journey. I have known of Vernon Johnson and his story for a few years now and have suggested to many that this maybe an alternative way for them to fight cancer. I’m so glad now to know someone who has actually done the protocol and had success. No one else I know was willing to try it. 😦

    Another suggestion is to replace the sodium bicarbonate with potassium bicarbonate. You can get this at wine maker supply sources. Wine makers use it to stop the fermentation in the wine making process. In humans it helps put oxygen into our systems, like baking soda, but without all the sodium. It will not wreak havoc on your blood pressure but in my case has actually helped lower it! We all want that sodium/potassium ratio to be in the right spot.

    Thank you for all you have done to change MY life I am hopeful that this little tidbit will help you and your husband’s lives.

  13. Mike McLamore says:

    Hi, I had my prostate removed 4 years ago and have had a PSA under .1 but now its gone to .28. I had a bone scan that was negative. Now radiation doc want me to do 8 weeks of radiation in the prostate area. Side effects are troubling. Just found Vernon’s site and your site. I am wondering about delaying the radiation for a bit to try the baking soda first. Have you heard any one with similar circumstance? Hope all is well. Mike McLamore m.mclamore@yahoo.com

    • Mike, I would recommend doing a LOT of research on the internet, look for others experiences, then decided for yourself. All we know is the allopathic field of medicine is BAD in so many areas and there appear to be wonderful ways to treat conditions other than the standard ways they recommend. It is now June and my husband has NOT had a return of his bladder cancer symptoms thanks to the methods we are using, which are baking soda (keeping his urine alkaline), 50 mg iodine every morning in his drink, Frankincense oil, and astaxanthin, 24 mg for inflammation. It’s all working! He has never gone this long without any symptoms since this all started!!

      • Ekta says:

        My Husband is having ewing sarcoma(soft tissue) in pelvic region from last 3.6 years. last two treatment we did chemo,surgery and stem cell transplantation but after all these treatments cancer returned again now .I have started giving him sodiumbicarbonate from last week .I do not know whether it will work on his case or not.if you have any other information about this please share.My email id is ekta.agrawal31@gmail.com. Please help.

      • I am so sorry what you and your husband are going through, Ekta. With our positive experience, I can only underscore to try the baking soda (which alkalinizes his urine), the iodine (start low, build up, it’s very anti-cancer), plus an anti-inflammatory like Astaxanthin (i.e. based on the idea that cancer could be related to inflammation, as well). All we know is that both the Astaxanthin and the baking soda completed removed his early tumors that one time. We just made the mistake of not keeping up with his pH afterwards like we do now!! I also didn’t mention that I make SURE he puts both green and red powder in his morning drink to get those important nutrients, as well. Also….have you tested his heavy metals? There is evidence that many people have a mutation in their MTHFR gene which results in the body being unable to break down heavy metals like iron, or mercury, or lead, or cadmium. So….the iodine helps chelate things like that, as do other chelating supplements he can take. Finally…the laetrile in Apricot Seeds appears to be huge.

      • m.mclamore@yahoo.com says:

        Look into vitamin c and alpha lipoic acid IV treatments to kill cancer cells and build up healthy cells!

        Sent from my iPhone


  14. Mark Neumann says:

    Hi Janie, what a wonderful person, my wife is just as supportive for me. Hope your husband is still doing well. I was welling up reading some peoples journeys through this. I am 56 and just starting the bladder cancer journey, having had numerous amounts removed from the wall. I am about to have another internal check and then start BCG treatment, which sounds so much better than Chemo. My brother also had cancer(survived) he told me about Baking Soda which I am just starting now. I am a bit worried about the long term affect of the soda, Should I keep taking it 7 days a week? At least here in the UK medical attention is free. Thankyou for continuing this blog, I am sure you are helping others, stay positive, love Mark

    • This may be a repeat–sorry if it is. When I sent my reply, my internet had disconnected on me.

      What I stated is that he cut down the amount of baking soda he was on, as he was becoming alkaline. It took awhile to become too alkaline, though. He was on both Apple Cider Vinegar and baking soda. He just cut down a bit on the baking soda.

      Next, wanted to underscore that he has kept all cancerous tumors from returning (just over 2 years now!!) by using Cannabis oil. We are in a legal state so we make our own. We were using marijuana buds with mostly CBD and only 7% THC. We recently moved to one that has 19% THC, just to make sure we continue keeping the cancer away! He takes it a night–one tablespoon. No high. Just eases him into good sleep! And no cancer, whereas those tumors always came back each year. No more. 🙂

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