Did the US Government cause my husband’s bladder cancer? Is it a parasite?

ImageI’ve been pondering as to why my husband has developed bladder cancer, and why it’s so determined to come back as quickly as it does.

One habit which puts one at high risk of bladder cancer is smoking. But luckily, he stopped smoking a good 35 years ago, and literature states that his chances of it causing his cancer is pretty low after that amount of time.

Exposure to toxic chemicals, especially when it’s your job that exposes you, is another risk factor, but that doesn’t fit at all.

Next comes a parasitic infection…and the irony of it is that I’ve wondered before if he has parasites. He’s always had a really strange digestive system, plus the fact that he’s worked with dead animals so many times in his life as a taxidermist. This is the first thing I’m going to call our private doctor about on Monday.

And there’s one more cause that is very suspicious—his exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam.  And I found a website with page after page after page of veterans who got bladder cancer….and yet the VA refuses to acknowledge that it might be connected: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/opinions/11399/ Those stories of all those vets is gut-wrenching.  My husband served on a Mine Sweeper, the USS Conquest 488, in the early years before the Vietnam War was named. And he was the one who had to get off the ship to get the mail every day….and Agent Orange was all around him.  The VA acknowledges that. They just won’t acknowledge the association with Bladder Cancer.

I really don’t know.

All I know is we are fighting this all over again, and I’m both scared and hopeful that the baking soda protocol does it again like it did last May…and that what I have him do after we get rid of it will stop the recurrences…

P.S. Today was his first day back on one tsp baking soda twice a day (with the iodine, magnesium etc), and so far, he’s gotten a pH of 7 and what we think was 7.5 tonite. Onward and upward.


About mynameisjanie

I am simply the female half of our relationship who adores her husband and am working hard to keep winning against his tendency to have bladder cancer tumors.
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