Turning up the heat, strangling the chicken, and tightening the screw–a pH of 8!

ImageHe finally did it–hit a pH of 8 yesterday and has maintained it most of today, and it felt akin to the title of this post with a big smirky smile. HOORAY! So now we’ll keep that going a good week or more…squeezing the life out of the cancer. I SO look forward to seeing the face of the surgeon when she comes to the waiting room to say “HOW EXACTLY DID YOU DO THAT?“, because this one was a bit interested and curious.

Found a really interesting article on this baking soda protocol by Walter Last, and it does a great job explaining how it all works:

Glucose is channeled into cells through a sodium-dependent transport system. Cancer cells may use 20 times more glucose than normal cells. Therefore a lot of sodium enters these cells, which needs to be pumped out again. A very high intake of sodium bicarbonate creates an alkaline lymph fluid with a high sodium concentration surrounding the cancer cells, and this makes it increasingly difficult to pump sodium out.

With this cancer cells become alkaline, lose their membrane potential, swell up, and die. To induce cancer cells to take in so much sodium it helps to have temporarily an elevated glucose level. Therefore bicarbonate is commonly taken together with honey, molasses or maple syrup. Avoid baking powder which may contain aluminum, but baking soda is normally pure sodium bicarbonate.

He even recommends taking the baking soda three times a day and up to two teaspoons each. I think we’ll just move him to one teaspoon three times a day tomorrow and see what it’s doing to his pH. He went down to 7.5 tonite, and I don’t want to see anything but 8 at the least. We are also going to make sure he’s putting the molasses back into his drink, as we did the first time, even though Dr. Sircus doesn’t feel it’s necessary. One just hates to change what worked!

Tonite, as part of the protocol to eat alkaline, we had a really good green veggie smoothy for supper–green pepper, carrots, apple, organic lettuce and ginger, with a touch of stevia and vanilla. It also gives him needed potassium to balance out the high sodium he is taking every day.

Jayne, a reader of this blog, reminded me as well about apricot seeds, which kept her bladder tumor-free as long as she was eating them–38 a day. So I now have those, plus the frankincense oil, as treatment for this tumors post-surgery i.e. a way to stop their return. And of course, he’ll have to be committed to doing his pH twice a day minimum and KEEPING it around 7.5.

On a side note: when cancer hits, you wonder….should we keep going with our life plans? i.e. we were in the process of buying property in Colorado for a beautiful place to be in the summer months. It would give him a great spot for river fishing, and it puts both of us near our love–archaeology. But I decided not to stop the process–you just have to keep living with hope and faith. 🙂

Walter Last’s article: http://www.health-science-spirit.com/highpH.htm

About Apricot seeds: http://www.naturalnews.com/027088_cancer_laetrile_cure.html


About mynameisjanie

I am simply the female half of our relationship who adores her husband and am working hard to keep winning against his tendency to have bladder cancer tumors.
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