The hamster wheel of VA treatment for bladder cancer vs. successful patient experiences

hamster wheelFor those who don’t know, my dear cowboy husband’s wife is a Thyroid Patient Activist. I became so because my life changed 180 degrees by ceasing to go by the standard allopathic treatment of hypothyroidism with the lousy Synthroid and the use of the TSH (both which kept me miserable and frequently debilitated for 20 years)….and instead moved to Natural Desiccated Thyroid, the removal of symptoms first and foremost, and the free T3 and free T4, NOT the TSH.

And in the early years of my journey as an Activist, I saw repeatedly that “patient experiences and wisdom” carried far more gold for better treatment than did medical “opinion”. Those experiences and wisdom are what the website and book Stop the Thyroid Madness about about: and

So it was natural for me to search for successful experiences in treatment of cancer, and especially bladder cancer, when it became clear that VA treatment of recurring bladder cancer is nothing more than a hamster wheel of “remove, three month checkup, remove, three month checkup, remove, three month checkup….”

Even worse, when we find out his tumors are worse than before, he is still expected to wait another MONTH to have them removed via surgery…and in that month, they could metastasize when you consider how FAST they came back again! (Ahh, the beauty of socialized medicine. Get ready, folks!)

So I turned to the pH treatment with baking soda that I had already known about for years. And we are trodding along wonderfully the second time around keeping his ph at 8 until surgery in early November with only a few hiccups.

20131021_104719One hiccup was discovering that the sparking water I love, and which he was also drinking, it acidic!! nooooooooooooo. I dipped our ph strip in it: 5.5. I hadn’t put together that the process of making it “sparkling” was about also making it more acidic. So he stopped that. Instead, I purchased 20 lemons and we will both drink regular water with lemon juice in it–the latter which is internally alkalinizing. I want to see straight 8’s or higher every single day.

I also tested our water: close to 7.5. Wooo hooo. So by adding Alkazone drops, which is made up of potassium bicarbonate, the latter will make it even more alkaline when it interacts inside his cells.

And I just found an article called Why An Alkaline Approach Can Successfully Treat Cancer by Nancy Elizabeth Shaw, meta-analyst and Founder of The Cancer Alternative Foundation. It explains exactly why you hear about changing your diet a specific way to prevent or confront cancer: it promotes a more alkaline environment within. She talks about Electrolyte rebalancing–those minerals which can combat cancer. She states:

My personal experience with pH therapy has been nothing short of spectacular.  I have seen stage four, terminal cancer patients recover using alkalizing minerals.  There are patients who report untreatable cancers, such as nasal or fully metastasized breast cancers, which after a very persistent course of tiny doses over several years, eventually disappeared altogether.  Patients who have never had chemotherapy or radiation often experience rapid remission after changing to an alkaline diet and incorporating the use of alkaline minerals into their regime. 

So I’ve printed out the article and plan to study it until I get it all. I love you, my very dear husband.

P.S. One note: since sodium raises BP, I got out our trusty-dusty BP tester, and his was 147/70. Actually not terrible and this will only last until early November. Without the sodium, he runs an enviable, very healthy BP, such as 120/60 and less.

P.P.S. Our experience with the acidic vs alkaline reality of health does make me wince when I think of those I know who consume quite a lot of sodas, candy and more. Ouch.


About mynameisjanie

I am simply the female half of our relationship who adores her husband and am working hard to keep winning against his tendency to have bladder cancer tumors.
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