TMI….but what a hopeful sign!!

sunriseWhen the VA did the scope on my husband several weeks to find his bladder cancer had returned again with a vengeance, he saw on the screen the same thing they did. The tumors were bigger and redder with nasty long red fingers extending out like aliens. Plus, by seeing blood in his urine just days before the scope, he knew.

And as we face his surgery in just over a week…plus having treated him with the Baking Soda Protocol for about three weeks now to alkalinize his urine and body, he has noted something interesting. For three mornings in a row, his urine has carried out a tiny scab. Then yesterday, there was a much larger one, long and skinny. 

And when you think about scabs, they fall off on their own when the repairs your body has done underneath them are near-complete. I find the possibility exciting! Because though we know this protocol worked last May, you can’t really know if it’s working until they go in. But this time, we have positive clues!

Another shock: he went into the VA for a pre-surgery physical yesterday. And in spite of being on 3 tsp a day of sodium bicarbonate (1 tsp every 6 hours), his blood pressure was 113/58 this time. And that was with his arm perpendicular to this body—the correct way to take it. Amazing! Though the BP we took the other day was much higher on top (the systolic), the diastolic wasn’t bad at all.

So again, our challenge ahead continues to be focused on ways to KEEP the recurring bladder cancer away for good much better than we did last time. Our armor is waiting. 🙂


About mynameisjanie

I am simply the female half of our relationship who adores her husband and am working hard to keep winning against his tendency to have bladder cancer tumors.
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