Our Answer and the Journey Ahead

ImageToday was the surgery.

The waiting room was cold; I put my arm around a young gal whose husband almost died on the surgery table; I waited.

Finally, the surgeon came in. “We removed the tumor and he’s doing well”. And that was actually very…good…news.  🙂

But I was sorely disappointed in the rest of what happened. In all her allopathic glory, she had no intention of entertaining my questions. Because I wanted to know: Did it still have those long, nasty, red tentacles it has a month ago? Did it look better than a month ago? Was it the same size? Was it smaller?

So I have no answers if the sodium bicarbonate helped in any way or form this time, even if it clearly removed them last time. Perhaps this means that baking soda can help if you catch the cancer earlier than we did this time. Or perhaps it means it takes longer once they are worse. Or perhaps it means that when they get worse, you need to combine the baking soda with more strategies than we did. I’ll never know. Besides, the bleeding meant we had to do something, and luckily, the surgery was scheduled when it was.

And one thing they did which I’m open to, but not sure about: Mitomycin C for bladder cancer. It’s a chemotherapy liquid placed right into the bladder which can “reduce the recurrences of low risk non-muscle invasive neoplasms” by “sticking the cancer cell’s DNA (the cell’s genetic code) together so that it can’t come apart again”. But it has side effects, such as decreasing red or white blood cells. I’ve got him on iron, and can do things to improve his immune function, just in case.

In the meantime, our future steps are the use of the frankincense oil (good studies showing it’s effectiveness against bladder cancer), higher dose selenium (highly anti-cancer mineral), apricot seeds (which kept one gal’s bladder cancer from returning) and keeping his pH around 7.5 from now on. Fingers crossed with hope for the love of my very dear husband.





About mynameisjanie

I am simply the female half of our relationship who adores her husband and am working hard to keep winning against his tendency to have bladder cancer tumors.
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