Two week checkup….and vindication about the Baking Soda!!

100_0419I didn’t get to go to my dear husband’s post checkup today since I’m recovering from the flu (which I got from the hospital the day of his surgery!)  But I had my husband ask the right questions for his two-week post-surgery….and the answers were exactly what I wanted to hear!

Namely, she said the tumor was, in fact, smaller than it had been a month previous i.e. since we’d been keeping him with a pH of 8! And it looked much less aggressive than it then, as well. Voila! Keeping him alkaline at 8 had been working! And if we had been forced to wait much longer for surgery, one can’t help but think we could have eradicated that tumor on our own.

And the bleeding that came back? I now have no doubts it was from the healing occurring around that nasty tumor, and when the scabs were coming off, it was just too tender.

So…we are continuing with our new direction with even more confidence that we can avoid recurrences for the rest of his life, simply by watching his pH. And he is faithful to his daily apricot seeds and frankincense oil. I’ve also obtained a very strong selenium, but have yet to find out how much is in each drop (distracted because of the flu).

And as far as that pH, he is always shooting for 7 to 7.5–the neutral state. He often wakes up to 6.5, but from what I read, as long as he’s not lower, he’s fine. But we still get him higher as soon as he wakes up and can consume his first drink of 1 tsp potassium bicarbonate with water.

Now we have to re-learn how to cook and eat. Good websites below and a LOT more.

Cheers!!… say I as I drink my veggie smoothie (with vanilla and stevia) and as my dear husband warms his broccoli soup (ugh, but at least he likes it)!


About mynameisjanie

I am simply the female half of our relationship who adores her husband and am working hard to keep winning against his tendency to have bladder cancer tumors.
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2 Responses to Two week checkup….and vindication about the Baking Soda!!

  1. anne allen says:

    Janie, I have read your every post with trepidation. Your research and tenacious belief are inspirational. I don’t do religion but will be sending every good wishes to you both. Anne Allen

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