Whew!! We thought the cancerous tumors came back…

ImageFebruary was quite the month.

My husband found himself with blood in his urine in early February. For two years previous, since all this mess begin, that has always been his sign that the bladder tumors had returned. And the timing was right–his surgery was just last November, and they seemed to reappear every 3-4 months for the past two years.

But…deep down inside in that little intuitive place within, I didn’t believe it. I was confounded! There were reasons to believe that something else was going on. For one, he had fallen the day before the blood in his urine appeared–he slipped on a slick snowy hill, trying to stop our little flatbed trailer from rolling down the hill. He hit the area of his right kidney pretty hard. Second….I just couldn’t see it. We had diligently been watching his urine pH this time—keeping him around 7.25-7.50; he had been faithful with the apricot seeds and their cancer-busting laetrile content; he put frankincense oil in his morning drink every day, besides the very anti-cancer Lugols iodine in that same daily drink. And there was that dose of liquid chemo he had in his bladder last November….

But it was worrisome.

And this time, we decided to STOP using the VA. I did research and found a private Urologist that looked good…besides the fact that his office staff were gold!! Friendly, concerned and attentive. He got in quickly. The bleeding had luckily stopped before that appointment. And just four days later, he had his surgical scope at an Ambulatory Center. In EIGHT days we gotten done what would have taken a good six weeks minimum with the VA…and we felt cared for and important instead of feeling like cattle!!

And as I sat in the waiting room while they did the scope, out came the Urologist just 20 minutes after he was wheeled in. I was shocked—I shouldn’t have seen the guy for a good hour. “He’s clear”, he explained. “No cancer”. Yes, he did scrape the area where they did the tumor removal last November for good measure, but that was it.

I…was…thrilled. Perhaps, perhaps, everything we are doing is working. Finally! It just might have been due to that hard fall.

But…I don’t feel like we are out of the woods. We have to be diligent with what we are doing. And I am making an appointment with a functional medicine doctor to test my dear husband’s heavy metals…just in case. Finally, the Urologist is going to have a look at his kidneys in mid-March.

P.S. One thing this private Urologist said to us was amazing, as no one had ever given this analogy: this kind of recurring low-grade bladder cancer was simply a “pesky cancer”, similar to those who get recurring skin cancer and simply take care of each time.  In a way, that was a relief to hear. But believe me, if you are a man who has something poked up you in a place that’s not meant to have things go “up”, it’s a bit worse than pesky skin cancer. lol. But we did enjoy the analogy.

P.P.S Thought this was interesting: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2567455/Cancer-patients-lethal-70-tumours-disappear-just-two-WEEKS-thanks-pioneering-treatment.html

And here’s more about laetrile, which all the more makes me think that those little apricot seeds he eats every day are extremely important in stopping my dear husband’s recurring bladder cancer.


About mynameisjanie

I am simply the female half of our relationship who adores her husband and am working hard to keep winning against his tendency to have bladder cancer tumors.
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