Whew!! We thought the cancerous tumors came back…

ImageFebruary was quite the month.

My husband found himself with blood in his urine in early February. For two years previous, since all this mess begin, that has always been his sign that the bladder tumors had returned. And the timing was right–his surgery was just last November, and they seemed to reappear every 3-4 months for the past two years.

But…deep down inside in that little intuitive place within, I didn’t believe it. I was confounded! There were reasons to believe that something else was going on. For one, he had fallen the day before the blood in his urine appeared–he slipped on a slick snowy hill, trying to stop our little flatbed trailer from rolling down the hill. He hit the area of his right kidney pretty hard. Second….I just couldn’t see it. We had diligently been watching his urine pH this time—keeping him around 7.25-7.50; he had been faithful with the apricot seeds and their cancer-busting laetrile content; he put frankincense oil in his morning drink every day, besides the very anti-cancer Lugols iodine in that same daily drink. And there was that dose of liquid chemo he had in his bladder last November….

But it was worrisome.

And this time, we decided to STOP using the VA. I did research and found a private Urologist that looked good…besides the fact that his office staff were gold!! Friendly, concerned and attentive. He got in quickly. The bleeding had luckily stopped before that appointment. And just four days later, he had his surgical scope at an Ambulatory Center. In EIGHT days we gotten done what would have taken a good six weeks minimum with the VA…and we felt cared for and important instead of feeling like cattle!!

And as I sat in the waiting room while they did the scope, out came the Urologist just 20 minutes after he was wheeled in. I was shocked—I shouldn’t have seen the guy for a good hour. “He’s clear”, he explained. “No cancer”. Yes, he did scrape the area where they did the tumor removal last November for good measure, but that was it.

I…was…thrilled. Perhaps, perhaps, everything we are doing is working. Finally! It just might have been due to that hard fall.

But…I don’t feel like we are out of the woods. We have to be diligent with what we are doing. And I am making an appointment with a functional medicine doctor to test my dear husband’s heavy metals…just in case. Finally, the Urologist is going to have a look at his kidneys in mid-March.

P.S. One thing this private Urologist said to us was amazing, as no one had ever given this analogy: this kind of recurring low-grade bladder cancer was simply a “pesky cancer”, similar to those who get recurring skin cancer and simply take care of each time.  In a way, that was a relief to hear. But believe me, if you are a man who has something poked up you in a place that’s not meant to have things go “up”, it’s a bit worse than pesky skin cancer. lol. But we did enjoy the analogy.

P.P.S Thought this was interesting: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2567455/Cancer-patients-lethal-70-tumours-disappear-just-two-WEEKS-thanks-pioneering-treatment.html

And here’s more about laetrile, which all the more makes me think that those little apricot seeds he eats every day are extremely important in stopping my dear husband’s recurring bladder cancer.

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A log of pH results…and seeing that Baking Soda is the way to go still.

pH strips

As we have begun our journey to nip the bladder cancer recurrences in the bud, it’s been an interesting pH learning experience since his surgery. Below are the levels he’s documented, each line representing a day. The first number always represent the first thing in the morning. Another one (or two) might represent afternoon, and another evening. They are all urine and with the use of a pH strip.

Most of these days, he was doing one tsp sodium bicarbonate, and if he needed a second tsp to keep his levels up, it was potassium bicarbonate.

7.00, 7.25
6.25, 7.25, 7.00
6.75, 7.50, 7.50
7.50, 7.50, 7.50
6.50, 7.25, 7.50
8.00, 7.50
6.00, 7.00, 7.50, 8.00
5.75, 7.25, 7.25
7.00, 7.50, 6.50, 7.25
7.00, 8.00, 7.50
7.25, 6.50, 7.50, 7.00
6.25, 7.25
6.00, 7.25
5.50, 7.25, 6.25

Turns out that it’s pretty normal to have a morning urine pH in the mid-to upper 6’s, but he also has several below 6.5.

In a pH balanced body, urine is slightly acid in the morning, (pH = 6.5 – 7.0) generally becoming more alkaline (pH = 7.5 – 8.0) by evening in healthy people primarily because no food or beverages are consumed while sleeping. Whereas, during the day the body buffers the pH of the food and beverages consumed by releasing electrolytes and the pH level goes up. This process allows the kidneys to begin the elimination process slowly.

Outside the range implies that cells are being burdened with caustic pH fluids within and without surroundings. Long term experience outside this range is unhealthy. However, the pH of urine can range from an extremely unhealthy low of 4.5 to a high if 8.5, which it tolerates a little easier, depending on the acid/base status of the extracellular fluids. A high pH value may indicate the body is over buffering to compensate for a physiological system that is too acidic.

There are mornings he’s waking up too acidic. And this mornings 5.50?? He ate PEANUTS at bedtime. VERY acidic and a mistake we learned from!

We also had his sodium and potassium tested:

SODIUM 139 (134 – 144)
POTASSIUM 4.7 (3.5 – 5.2)

And I was shocked at both! Expected his sodium to be higher, and didn’t expect the potassium to be that high. The higher potassium may be from the combination of the tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar he takes daily for his acid reflux (which takes it away), and the potassium bicarbonate. So a change he will make is to only use the sodium bicarbonate/baking soda to keep himself where it should be.

We’re hanging in there with great hope!


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Two week checkup….and vindication about the Baking Soda!!

100_0419I didn’t get to go to my dear husband’s post checkup today since I’m recovering from the flu (which I got from the hospital the day of his surgery!)  But I had my husband ask the right questions for his two-week post-surgery….and the answers were exactly what I wanted to hear!

Namely, she said the tumor was, in fact, smaller than it had been a month previous i.e. since we’d been keeping him with a pH of 8! And it looked much less aggressive than it then, as well. Voila! Keeping him alkaline at 8 had been working! And if we had been forced to wait much longer for surgery, one can’t help but think we could have eradicated that tumor on our own.

And the bleeding that came back? I now have no doubts it was from the healing occurring around that nasty tumor, and when the scabs were coming off, it was just too tender.

So…we are continuing with our new direction with even more confidence that we can avoid recurrences for the rest of his life, simply by watching his pH. And he is faithful to his daily apricot seeds and frankincense oil. I’ve also obtained a very strong selenium, but have yet to find out how much is in each drop (distracted because of the flu).

And as far as that pH, he is always shooting for 7 to 7.5–the neutral state. He often wakes up to 6.5, but from what I read, as long as he’s not lower, he’s fine. But we still get him higher as soon as he wakes up and can consume his first drink of 1 tsp potassium bicarbonate with water.

Now we have to re-learn how to cook and eat. Good websites below and a LOT more.

Cheers!!… say I as I drink my veggie smoothie (with vanilla and stevia) and as my dear husband warms his broccoli soup (ugh, but at least he likes it)!


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Our Answer and the Journey Ahead

ImageToday was the surgery.

The waiting room was cold; I put my arm around a young gal whose husband almost died on the surgery table; I waited.

Finally, the surgeon came in. “We removed the tumor and he’s doing well”. And that was actually very…good…news.  🙂

But I was sorely disappointed in the rest of what happened. In all her allopathic glory, she had no intention of entertaining my questions. Because I wanted to know: Did it still have those long, nasty, red tentacles it has a month ago? Did it look better than a month ago? Was it the same size? Was it smaller?

So I have no answers if the sodium bicarbonate helped in any way or form this time, even if it clearly removed them last time. Perhaps this means that baking soda can help if you catch the cancer earlier than we did this time. Or perhaps it means it takes longer once they are worse. Or perhaps it means that when they get worse, you need to combine the baking soda with more strategies than we did. I’ll never know. Besides, the bleeding meant we had to do something, and luckily, the surgery was scheduled when it was.

And one thing they did which I’m open to, but not sure about: Mitomycin C for bladder cancer. It’s a chemotherapy liquid placed right into the bladder which can “reduce the recurrences of low risk non-muscle invasive neoplasms” by “sticking the cancer cell’s DNA (the cell’s genetic code) together so that it can’t come apart again”. But it has side effects, such as decreasing red or white blood cells. I’ve got him on iron, and can do things to improve his immune function, just in case.

In the meantime, our future steps are the use of the frankincense oil (good studies showing it’s effectiveness against bladder cancer), higher dose selenium (highly anti-cancer mineral), apricot seeds (which kept one gal’s bladder cancer from returning) and keeping his pH around 7.5 from now on. Fingers crossed with hope for the love of my very dear husband.




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A difficult turn of events

ImageThe last several days have been scary, and for me, heart-wrenching. And we’re not sure what to think.

Beginning five days ago, after he had been seeing tiny scabs coming out, my dear husband started bleeding again from his bladder. Now for my husband, blood in the urine has been a sure sign of cancer. Granted, there are other reasons for it. Several years ago, he had blood in his urine due to his bladder being burned from radiation treatment on his prostate. But with what is going on now, it has always pointed to a return of his cancer that an upcoming scope revealed.

So we are left wondering: is the current bleeding reflective of too-tender skin under those fallen scabs, or is it reflective of still having cancer? i.e. was the sodium bicarbonate with iodine and magnesium (plus continued supplementation of selenium and more) just not enough this time like it was last May?  It’s not knowing that is so hard. I do lean to believe it’s just the tender skin underneath…but we’ll see.

We do have his surgery scheduled for Thursday, so we’ll know more then.

I had a consultation today with the doctor more well-known about the use of sodium bicarbonate/baking soda to cure cancer. And he brought an interesting idea I’m going to look into–that my husband might go MUCH higher than the recommended 400 mcg of selenium he’s on. I found out about selenium’s anti-cancer aspect a good twenty years ago after reading an article about a village in Siberia where practically no one got cancer….and the factor appeared to be the high levels of selenium in their soil.

So I found a study titled “A report of high-dose selenium supplementation: response and toxicities“. It first implied that 3200 mcg of selenium had “selenium-related side effects”, but their blood revealed “no peak plasma selenium levels.” i.e. they “observed no obvious selenium-related serious toxicities” at 3200 mcg. So that is hopeful for me in raising his selenium supplementation, especially since I didn’t see a genetic defect in testing we did on him that would imply he wouldn’t correctly break selenium down.

So I’ve ordered a much stronger selenium from here: http://www.whnstore.com/Revici-Selenated-Tung-Oil-p/whn-tsel-1oz.htm?click=0

I completely regret I didn’t start him on the Frankincense oil already. As mentioned in comments to my first blog post, it has good studies showing it can tackle bladder cancer. I was looking at it as a post-surgery, prevent-cancer treatment. But luckily, he had started on Apricot seed kernels on his own, so hopefully that will be as good for him as it was for the gal who saw those seeds keep her free from cancer.

So…we continue with sodium bicarbonate, but we have substituted two of the three doses with potassium bicarbonate…also known for alkalinizing. We’ve kept him at 8 most of the time still. The only exception is when the bleeding is heavier, which can shoot him down to 6.5 and 7.


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TMI….but what a hopeful sign!!

sunriseWhen the VA did the scope on my husband several weeks to find his bladder cancer had returned again with a vengeance, he saw on the screen the same thing they did. The tumors were bigger and redder with nasty long red fingers extending out like aliens. Plus, by seeing blood in his urine just days before the scope, he knew.

And as we face his surgery in just over a week…plus having treated him with the Baking Soda Protocol for about three weeks now to alkalinize his urine and body, he has noted something interesting. For three mornings in a row, his urine has carried out a tiny scab. Then yesterday, there was a much larger one, long and skinny. 

And when you think about scabs, they fall off on their own when the repairs your body has done underneath them are near-complete. I find the possibility exciting! Because though we know this protocol worked last May, you can’t really know if it’s working until they go in. But this time, we have positive clues!

Another shock: he went into the VA for a pre-surgery physical yesterday. And in spite of being on 3 tsp a day of sodium bicarbonate (1 tsp every 6 hours), his blood pressure was 113/58 this time. And that was with his arm perpendicular to this body—the correct way to take it. Amazing! Though the BP we took the other day was much higher on top (the systolic), the diastolic wasn’t bad at all.

So again, our challenge ahead continues to be focused on ways to KEEP the recurring bladder cancer away for good much better than we did last time. Our armor is waiting. 🙂

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8, 8, 8 for the love of my life!

ImageAfter a “lesson learned” bump-in-the-cancer-smashing-road the other day, my husband has again maintained a urine pH of 8 each time he tests for over two days now–the cancer kiling magic number!

And the lesson learned?

We were out with friends the other night, and my hub decided to have the two small glasses of beer they offered as we were all playing a different version of dominoes. I was dubious about him consuming beer, which is highly acidic, so we added 3 drops of Alkazone to each glass—which has potassium bicarbonate it, to hopefully make it more alkaline. Turns out 3 drops wasn’t enough.  The next morning, he woke up to a pH of 6.5. Ouch.

But he got back on the stick. He’s also learning about higher alkaline foods. For example, his breakfast the other morning was sliced eggplant coated with egg whites and almond flour. And they were tasty!

And he realizes that he’ll probably have to stay off of all acidic alcohol the rest of this life20131021_112042 if we want to keep his pH close to 7.25, which is our lifetime goal after surgery this time. Luckily, he’s fine with it. This will be in addition to the Frankincense Oil (see photo to right–it arrived!) and Apricot seeds for extra measure.

How alkalinity has beaten back another cancer: breast tumors

In the meantime, a friend sent me a July 2013 study which showed what an alkaline environment can do against breast cancer. It states:

Acidity promotes invasion and enhances metastatic potential. Tumor acidity can be buffered by systemic administration of an alkaline agent such as sodium bicarbonate.

And the study worked. They used two groups of mice with breast tumors, treating one group with sodium bicarbonate (aka baking soda) and the other without. And the potassium bicarbonate treated mice saw a near 50% reduction in their tumors as compared to the untreated group.  Interesting to note that the pH peaked about an hour after administration, and within 6-8 hours, decreased to pre-treatment pH. That underscored that dosing my husband three times a day fits this study, in spite of the fact that he completely eliminated his tumors last May with just two times a day dosing.

Interesting to note that the article states that extracellular pH of (not-treated) tumors is typically between 6.5 and 6.9–i.e. acidic! And the use of sodium bicarbonate “alkalinizes the interstitial tumor space”.

And another article brought to my attention

And then came another article to my attention titled “How An Alkaline Approach Can Successfully Treat Cancer”. It’s not a study like the above, but mentions the same strategy we are following, i.e. it affirms that “to move the internal cancer cell pH from the optimal mitosis range of pH 6.5 to 7.5, to above 8” will shorten the life of the cancer cell.

It also covers the problem of electrolyte rebalancing when trying to alkalize one’s body (and specifically urine, in my husband’s case with bladder cancer), which is extremely helpful, since we will be switching over more and more to potassium bicarbonate in October. He underscores that it’s important to test frequently to watch for this balance, which we will be doing.

Onward and upward! Two weeks and counting!

P.S. I asked him why not just have the VA simply do another scope to see if they are gone…and his reply “Because I’d rather be knocked out!!” i.e. nothing worse than having a probe going up “there”. Cough.

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/23936808/ and the full study is here: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3722989/



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